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Washing tips for towels and bathrobes to keep them soft fluffy and absorben

Stiff towels or bathrobe? Tips on washing your towels so they stay soft and fluffy for longer
If you towels or bathrobe that have lost their softness and become stiff it can be due to build up of detergent.

First try this test. Wash your towels without any detergent and see if there are suds.

There are? Now wash your towels again without detergent and put a quarter cup of distilled white vinegar in the rinse. This will remove the detergent. Now rinse them again. Dry them outside in the breeze (if possible) and enjoy your lovely fluffy soft towels.

For future washes just use half the recommended amount of detergent


Washing coloured towels and robes
By washing and drying your towels carefully you will improve their beauty and improve absorbency.

Always wash new towels or bathrobe before use to remove any chemicals used in manufacture.

  • Place towels of a similar colour in a washing machine.
  • Add half the normal amount of detergent
  • Add half a cup of vinegar to the initial wash cycle to set the fabric colours
  • Wash on a warm wash full cycle
  • Dry immediately, don't leave them in the machine


Improving absorbency
New towels take several washings to bring them up to full absorbency. However, the most common cause of lack of absorbency is using fabric softener. The softening chemicals build up on towel fibres, and reduce absorbency.

At which temperature should I wash my towels?
Towels and towelling robes should be washed at 60 degrees. Wash dark colours sperately.


The information on this page has been included in good faith but is for general informational purposes only.
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