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Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen - A Buyer's Guide

Egyptian cotton bed linen has long been associated with quality and superior handle and drape. Egyptian cotton's winning characteristics are due to it's extra long staple. The long fibres produce finer, stronger yarn that can be woven into higher thread counts than inferior cottons giving a super crisp or silky satin feel to the bed linen.

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Are Other Cottons Equal?
There are many areas outside Egypt where high quality, long staple cotton is grown from the same or similar plants. Most of the world's cotton is grown in the United States, Uzbekistan, China and India. Other leading countries producing raw cotton of equally long staple are Brazil, Pakistan and Turkey.

Thread Count
The thread count of bed linen refers to the number of threads going across (weft) and vertically (warp) within 12 inch of cloth. Thread count can be a good general indicator to the fineness and quality of bed linen. Quality bed linen starts at around 180 threads per inch, and luxury bed linen around 300 threads right up to 1000.

At 180 thread count the individual threads are thinker producing hard wearing bed linen with a crisper feel. Bed linen with a higher thread count is made with thinner threads producing a softer more luxurious feel.

What is Percale Bed Linen?
Percale is a term which refers to the woven quality of bedding. Any bed linen constructed of 180 threads per inch or higher is called Percale whether it is woven from cotton or polycotton. Percale bed linen is tighter woven and smoother than lower thread counts and is usually regarded as the benchmark starting point for quality bed linen.

Other Factors in Determining Quality
As a natural product, the quality of the cotton used to make the thread is paramount in creating high quality woven bed linen. This can be affected by growing conditions (weather, soil, temperature) and of course, the plant type. The care with which the cotton is prepared before being made into thread, the thread making process and the quality of production all go to determine the quality of the bed linen that you sleep on.

Choosing Your Perfect Bed Linen
Consider whether you prefer hotel style crisp Egyptian Cotton bed linen, or a softer more luxurious feel. Comfort is all important in creating the perfect nights sleep, and the right cotton bed linen is a vital part of this. Also consider whether you are looking for bed linen with a strong construction, able to withstand frequent washing, or is luxury more important?

We offer a wide range of Egyptian Cotton bed linen in thread counts from 180 to 1000 with a range of finishes, suitable for small hotels, guest houses, luxury villas and every type of home.

400 count Egyptian Cotton in white and pastel colours >>

800 count Egyptian Cotton in white or ivory >>

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